Who we are

The Jessie Banks Foundation is a public, not-for-profit, organization founded by Sharon Banks-Williams, daughter of the beloved Jessie Banks, in 2002 as a vehicle to perpetuate her memory and service to humankind. The JBF was established as a living tribute to the life of Jessie Banks for the purpose of enhancing the lives of others through empowerment, health awareness, mentoring, counseling, and providing tuition assistance to deserving scholars. Jessie Banks was a woman filled with milk of human kindness. Her generosity, support, and noble spirit touched and assisted the lives of many. In the New York Tri-State area Jessie Banks was known as another “Mother Teresa.” Her encouragement, assistance and support improved the quality of the human condition. She spent her life in service to others! The Jessie Banks Foundation honors her labor and continues to keep her legacy alive by helping on person at a time!


The Jessie Banks Foundation, Inc. is a 501c (3) that is a volunteer service organization that contributes to the formative years of education, as a means to enrich the lives of young adults.


The Jessie Banks Foundation, Inc. will impact the academia quality of life for deserving students, through the tuition assistance program. The Jessie Banks Foundation, Inc. is additionally committed to guide and support one student at a time, through its required financial literacy, health care awareness, leadership and mentoring/partnerships programs. The Jessie Banks Foundation, Inc. will partner locally and nationally with those who share common goals and will effect positive change in the lives of one student at a time.


The Jessie Banks Foundation will provide college tuition assistance to high school seniors including college freshman, who have demonstrated strong academic achievement and who have given back to the community through volunteerism and youth development. The Jessie Banks foundation is committed to helping young people realize their educational goals.