Sponsor a scholarship gift to a JBF Scholar in a single amount of $2,000, for 1 year or a recurring amount of $2,000 given over the next 4 years, equaling the amount of $8000.​Your Scholarship gift can honor a JBF Scholar of choice, during four years of college.

*Scholarship funds are disbursed directly to the scholars college or university.

Book Awards

Sponsor a Book Award of $500 for 1-10 JBF Scholars for one year.

*Book Awards are credited to student accounts at college bookstore or online.

Cultivation Events

Sponsor a JBF local program or Scholar Alumni event.

Support the work of JBF by hosting an event to potential partners.


Invest in tomorrow’s leaders and become a mentor to a JBF Scholar. Your investment of time will benefit our selected students and generations to come.

Our Scholars Give Back

Sponsor an Educational seminar

JBF Scholars are required to participate in an Educational Financial Literacy and Character Enhancement Seminar. As well as participate in approved Community Service Outreach activity.