JBF have provided tuition assistance since 2002 to deserving youth. We provide support to first tier students and second tier students, who otherwise may not have an opportunity for advanced learning. Our volunteers go beyond the call of duty, in an effort to try to raise funds to continue to ‘Help One Student at a Time” to fulfill their given right to an Education.

This foundation began its work nine years ago. To date the Foundation has presented 85 students with a total of over $168,000.  These goals have been met with the caring spirit and support of people like you and we thank you so very much! 

Now, in light of rising tuition at both University and College, while Job employment remains low for many parents and students, alike, JBF would like to double its support to deserving  young people, by increasing our tuition assistance  and number of Scholars annually!

Our Scholars have secured employment in: Education, Health, Accountants, Attorneys and in a myriad of other areas.

The Common Thread among our Scholars is based on Jessie Banks’ mantra: “If I Can Help Somebody, as I Pass Along, Then My Living Shall Not be in Vain!”

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